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AI-powered crane data

 |  Updated on Jun 26 2023
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Amidst the mounting pressures facing the construction industry, higher productivity is the obvious and only path forward.  And which innovation or latest AI-powered software is the right choice to to deliver improved outcomes? 

Look no further than the crucial mechanism to drive progress of any jobsite … the crane! 

Success of every project relies on coordination of trades and delivery of the right materials to the right place at the right time.  Projects that rely on tower or large mobile cranes to lift and place materials must ensure optimal utilisation of the crane to keep the job moving ahead according to the target program. 

Construction teams are responsible for overall coordination and jobsite efficiency to achieve program in partnership with skilled crane operators, who are hard to find, highly valued and essential to project success.  

Where to start?  How do construction teams select the correct crane for their project?  How do they know if the crane is working at optimum levels?  How do they best support their skilled crane crews?   How do site teams validate what has been lifted, and compare this to lift schedules?   How can teams bring a technology edge to their project with minimal input or interaction needed from the busy people on the ground?

It starts with AI-powered crane data.  Real-time.  Automated.  Actionable. 

BuildAI is your crane data technology partner.  We use latest AI software to automatically produce meaningful insights, improve crane utilisation and streamline jobsite logistics. 

Contact BuildAI for an obligation-free consultation and discover how the latest technology can lift your project velocity.    

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