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Intelligent Software

Let our Computer Vision AI track the progress of critical activities

Reduce site admin

  • Early warning system for program delays
  • Live knowledge of program status. Lead indicator of risks to program
  • Reduce manual validation of tasks meaning freeing up site team members from physically inspecting work areas multiple times per day to check progress
  • Computer Vision identification of activity progress
  • Comparing planned vs progress observed, and calculating risk to program
  • Material movements to and within the site requires automatically validated, and connected with activity progress

How does it work?

How does it work?

BuildAI’s computer vision capabilities have been developed specifically for construction projects to automatically classify activities and material types.

Our artificial intelligence algorithms link visual data with program data, and produce meaningful insights in real-time.



Let the AI handle the repetitive, tedious, manual work, so project delivery teams can focus on making informed decisions to improve execution.

Remove the guess-work! Data-based evidence available at the click of a button.

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Know what’s happening now

Build AI supports and enables your team to increase efficiency and productivity of their own workflows and the critical path.