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Achieve faster cycle times

Sound familiar …. ?

*Relying on manual inputs from busy site team members

*Waiting for expensive consultants to run end of month reports

*Adjusting subbie labour or overtime without evidence

*Justifying program delays and EOT’s to your client

Imagine … all of this can be done automatically!

What is the Offer?

A four week cycle analysis on your project for just $500.

What do you Receive?

A tailored and highly detailed report of your structure activities, example below.

What Setup is Required?

BuildAI needs access to your existing Timelapse cameras, including suitable video footage, basic program and site layout information. Our professional team will guide you through the steps.

What’s Next?

Book Consultation‘, our team will respond within 24 hours to guide you through the setup.

Know what’s happening now

Build AI supports and enables your team to increase efficiency and productivity of their own workflows and the critical path.