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BuildAI is proud to be partnering with Coronation Property on their 8 Phillip St project located in Parramatta, providing the team with technology & data solutions to improve safety in crane operations and optimise project delivery outcomes. 

As this tower ascends, restricted footprint and delivery zones means supporting the crane operator with additional visual awareness becomes more critical to ensure safe and efficient lifting. In particular, when moving materials immediately adjacent to a heritage listed building that forms part of the 8 Phillip St site.
CraneCast technology also automatically generates utility & efficiency statistics of crane operations, providing the project team the opportunity to optimise material delivery and lift scheduling to drive cycle performance. 
Each lift generates a unique individual record including load, coordinates, image and duration including rigging time … a digital twin of the crane activity.

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Build AI supports and enables your team to increase efficiency and productivity of their own workflows and the critical path.